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I am __________.” #iamautumnvirus "I am AutumnVirus." #IamAutumnVirus.


Where are you from? Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

What is your Zodiac? I'm a Cancer, so a crab.

What is your Chinese Zodiac? I'm a rooster.

What got you into anime? I just loved watching it as a kid because it would play on TV such as CardCaptor Sakura, FLCL, etc., and I read and collected a lot of manga. 

What got you into cosplay? My love for anime/manga got me into cosplay. I always wanted to try it and when I figured out that people cosplayed and were able to become anyone they wanted from an anime/game, it intrigued me, and I was ecstatic to start cosplaying on my own. 

Favorite games? My favorite game is a SEGA game called Phantasy Star Online which was originally on the Dreamcast, but I played it on the Gamecube. My favorite game company is Nintendo though, and I'm a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series.

What are some of your favorite anime’s, and why? My favorite anime of all time is Neon Genesis Evangelion because I watched it when I was younger, and that anime was dark and emotional, and it definitely hit me in the feels mentally, psychologically and emotionally. It's just an anime I personally connected to. Another favorite anime is CardCaptor Sakura because again, I watched it as a kid, and that anime was so gentle, innocent and filled with hopes and dreams and soothed me. It still soothes me till this day. Those are my top two favorite animes. 

Favorite Cons? I've been going to cons since 2010, and I have to say my favorite con is still Otakon! 

What kind of music do you like? I listen to everything, but that genre that I listen to most is probably indie/hipster/electropop.

Who da bando? The bando is Light from Death Note

Who da waifu? The waifu is Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion! 

What is your dream job? My unreachable dream job is to become a non-invasive cardiologist. My semi-reachable dream job is to make it as a cosplayer/model/streamer and become cosfamous and a partnered Twitch streamer. My reachable dream job is to be a research scientist working at a university studying and researching in any field of science. 

What would you do with a million dollars? I would pay off my car debt, student loans, and any other loans that I have. I would also pay off my siblings loans that they have, so they don't have to struggle either. I'd also give some money to my family of course. And I would lend really close friends who are in dire need, some money as well. Then, I would just save the rest. 

What is your favorite FOOD? My favorite food is PHO! But, I also love I love ramen, sushi, Korean BBQ, etc! I eat everything! 

Where can our viewers find you? My viewers can find me on my cosplay Facebook page, my instagram, my Twitch channel, my YouTube channel, my Twitter, my Patreon, my LinkedIn, & my Deviantart

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