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Artist Spotligt/ AutumnVirus

I am __________.” #iamautumnvirus "I am AutumnVirus." #IamAutumnVirus.   Where are you from? Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  What is your Zodiac? I'm a Cancer, so a crab. What is your Chinese Zodiac? I'm a rooster. What got you into anime? I just loved watching it as a kid because it would play on TV such as CardCaptor Sakura, FLCL, etc., and I read and collected a lot of manga.  What got you into cosplay? My love for anime/manga got me into cosplay. I always wanted to try it and when I figured out that people cosplayed and were able to become anyone they wanted from an anime/game, it intrigued me, and I was ecstatic to start cosplaying on my own.  Favorite games? My...

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