About Us

Inspired by anime and cosplay, WAIFUWEAR was created to spread a positive message with the modern day waifu in mind. 


It's curator, known endearingly in the anime convention community as WHEREDAWAIFU, has curated our apparel over many an expo while spreading what he calls 'waifu awareness' since 2015. It is through this unwavering stance in changing the narrative on how the word 'waifu' is used in and outside the anime community, that has led him to establish one of the most 'waifu positive' brands in the anime apparel industry. 


From our classic logo, to our cosplay casual attire, to our waifu first approach in how we view and service our customers, WAIFUWEAR is the No. 1 waifu-centric apparel in the anime community, and you will not regret adding a piece from one of our collections to your wardrobe. 


Our hope is you enjoy wearing it just as much as we love making it. Many thanks for visiting our store and learning more about us! We hope to hear from you soon! ~ WAIFUWEAR